Getting started with Affiliate Marketing

Pages: 33
Author: Lynn Terry, A successful Internet Marketer, Lynn has been working from home full-time for 12+ full years. She is a Super Affiliate, a professional blogger, and is best known as “the voice of integrity in the Internet Marketing industry.” She has some fantastic advice

Why only 6% of everyone who tries Internet Marketing actually makes it: Learn how you can be one of those in that elite group! - What are the two things you need most in order to be successful in internet marketing? - If you are cut out to be self-employed – what does it take to be self-employed? - How to start making some money immediately. - How to create a sustainable long-term income. - What are the 3 criteria for a solid, long-term online affiliate marketing business model? - What are the 5 top things that people will spend their extra money on and how you can tap into that to make a decent income?

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