Effective Internet Presence

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Author: Ted Demopoulos, Ted Demopoulos is consultant, speaker and writer who specializes in the seemingly unlikely combination of Internet Business Strategy and Information Security. “It’s all about information,” Ted says, “Either spreading it as far and wide as possible or rest
Published in the year: 2008

A brand is what prevents something from being a commodity. It’s why I pay more for a cup of Starbucks coffee than the coffee down the street. The coffee down the street may be better, or it may be swill, I don’t know. The Starbucks brand assures me that I’ll get a good, strong, although over roasted to my taste, cup of coffee. There is trust and safety in brands. Personal branding is, you guessed it, branding applied to you. It describes: • What’s special and unique about you? • Why are you not a commodity?

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