Everyones an Expert

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Author: Seth Godin, Seth Godin is the author of seven books that have been bestsellers around the world. His last book was written with 32 other authors, and all royalties go straight to charity. Nearly ten years ago, Seth founded Yoyodyne, which originated the idea of permi
Published in the year: 2005

I BELIEVE THAT WHEN YOU GO ONLINE, you don’t search. You don’t even find. Instead, you are usually on a quest to make sense. That’s the goal of most visits to Google or Yahoo! or blogs or the Wikipedia. How do you make sense of the noise that’s coming at you from all directions? You won’t take action—you won’t buy something, book something, hire someone, or take a position on a political issue—until you’ve made sense of your options. Think about the way you shop—online or in the real world. Unless the item is a staple or the store is quite familiar, it’s unlikely that you buy the very first option you come across. Instead, you circle the store, putting off the salespeople (“I’m just browsing”), or you click around the Web, poking and exploring and searching until you understand your options. You’re not seeking the answer at first—first you want to understand the meaning behind your choices.

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